The most secure locks as standard

At One Door, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. That’s why our doors come complete with the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder from Brisant, one of the most secure locking cylinders in the UK. The clever locking system of the Federal UCF knows when it’s being attacked, with a hidden locking mechanism that automatically engages to stop would be burglars in their tracks.

Lock snapping has become the preferred entry method for UK criminals and the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder has another trick up its sleeve to keep burglars at bay. A sacrificial cut is used so that when the burglar grabs the end of the cylinder, just the tip snaps off leaving more metal in front of the central locking mechanism as protection.

Having been tested to Sold Secure ‘Diamond Grade’ standards, the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder has achieved a level of security that far surpasses other locking cylinders on the market.


Security Guarantee

At One Door we are so confident in the unprecedented level of security offered by the Federal UCF Locking Cylinder used in our doors, that in the unfortunate event your home is broken into by means of snapping the cylinder, we will offer £1,000 in compensation.

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