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The One Door range of composite door accessories serves as the perfect platform for bringing a personal touch to your home. Capturing the best in style and function, creating the perfect door for you is made easy with our wide selection. Whatever you choose, it will come accompanied by an extensive 10-year guarantee for lasting peace of mind and quality.

The accessories we offer include a variety of handles, letter plates, hinges, knockers, guards, numerals and locking system. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of colour options, including Black, Gold, Bronze, Graphite, Antique Black, White and Chrome. This way, you’re sure to find the winning combination that really brings your door of choice to life.

Lifestyle Accessories

  • Lever Handles

    This modern handle design offers an instantly recognisable appeal, perfectly suited to any door choice to help add a feature that catches the eye. Fitted in a range of high security locking styles, this handle option offers you complete security and style. Choose from our full accessory colour range to bring kerb appeal to your home, whether you want to make a statement or invest in something more subtle, we can help.

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  • Letter Plates

    Both functionality and appearance are taken into account when it comes it our letterplate range. This 12-inch metal letter plate is fitted with an anti-snap flap which opens to 180° for peace of mind. It has been designed to meet the standards set by the Royal Mail, and will be able to take A4 sized post effortlessly. As a popular burglary technique uses the removal of the letterplate as a point of access, these letter plates feature a secure through fixing to prevent this.

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  • Hinges

    We offer two different hinge styles: flag hinges and butt hinges. The ever popular flag hinges are available in 5 beautiful colours to ensure they benefit the look of your composite door, which means you won’t have to miss out on the details. Further to this, the butt hinges that we offer are designed using a variety of different bearings which work to reduce the friction of the hinge. This not only helps for smoother function, it increases lifespan as well.

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  • Knockers

    Whatever style of One Door you choose, we’ll have a knocker style to suit. If you’re looking for a traditional new addition to your home, our bull ring or urn knockers are perfect for you. If you’re looking for something with a modern flair, our slimline architectural knockers are the right choice. We offer these options in our full range of 7 colours and can even match them to your letter or hinges. Certain options are available with spyhole viewers as well, so you can see who’s knocking.

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  • Pull Handles

    Our pull handles are the ultimate option for those looking to bring a cutting-edge look to their home. To suit your tastes, these handles can be fitted in three different sizes and are finished in a modern satin stainless-steel look. Due to their striking design, they are also great for bringing something current to a more traditional door build. Whether your home is new or old, there is no reason to miss out on the pull handle design.

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  • Lever Pad Handles

    For those looking to enhance the security of your home in a stylish way, the lever pad handle offers you the best of both worlds. This system is suited to split spindle locks where the bolts engage by lifting the lever handle upwards. When engaged, this design does not allow external entry without a key and it can be fitted in our full range of 7 colours to bring a statement to your home that is sure to be exactly what you’re after.

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  • Pull Knobs

    The timeless pull knob has proven itself to be a popular option for homeowners looking to bring a classic touch to their home. They are available in gold or stainless steel and offer a look that is so versatile it suits any door in the One Door range. This option makes it easy for you to get the right accessory for your tastes and can be used to bring a kerb appeal to your home that is sure to make it feel more like home.

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  • Numerals

    Our numeral range is the perfect solution for bringing a classy, approachable and distinguished feel
    to your home. As composite doors accessories go, this option is essential to making sure your door
    catches the eye of the passer by. Choose from a range of colours, including Satin, Chrome, Black and Bronze. Due to their modern design, our numerals offer a full and striking looking throughout their whole lifespan, which means they won’t rust or discolour.

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  • Door Security Guards

    Although the door chain is a common way to prevent the door from opening completely when you’re greeting strangers, the door security guard stands as a modern and updated alternative. This options performs to a stronger degree than the chain system, preventing the popular method of using bolt cutters to gain access. You can choose from a chrome or brass finish to get something that really suits your tastes.

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